Secret Santa (the seventh time?)


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Hey Secret Santas,

Good news! Secret Santa matches are in. Time to flex those team-building skills and make this holiday special for your match! Remember, the deadline is December 31, 2023.

Let the festive Pokémon magic begin! :delibird:
Hello UberSkitty! I have answered your holiday wish for a Duosion team, and after waiting for drops so I could make something for gen 9, here's your team(s)!

:Duosion:-:Spiritomb:-:Duraludon:-:InDEEDee:-:RhydON:-:Morpeko: Version 1
At first, I had no idea what to do with Duosion. I first thought trick room, since it's slow and I love using TR. However, Duosion didn't work in trick room as well as I hoped, so I turned to your battle of the week for answers. IIRC, you used acid armor cm stored power with magic guard, so I started from there. Duosion benefits greatly from tera, being able to tera out of its weaknesses to ghost and dark, two of the meta's most oppressive types. Additionally, it does not care about being poisoned due to magic guard, and it's stellar base 125 SpA makes Duosion not need all 6 CM boosts to start doing damage. Coming out of this, I really like Duosion. It is a little taunt weak, but otherwise great!

From there, I wanted to pick a couple of mons to bait dark and ghost types. I settled on Spiritomb, Duraludon, and Indeedee. Spiritomb is a ghost type that doesn't actually lose to ghost and dark types. I'm relying on people who wish to click knock off or shadow ball on this thing to do so, for Spiritomb to live, and to start setting up with NP + TR. This is a pretty effective way to break down most team structures and open up for Indeedee and Duosion. TR can also support Duosion a little if Tomb dies early. Duraludon has body press and SR, which is mostly why I chose it. I picked a weird EV spread because i have no idea what I'm doing with this thing and I think I'm achieving immortality with maxed defenses and eviolite. Spiritomb and Duosion have enough SpD to where you could run max hp max def if you wanted to. Also, Duraludon is just a good mon overall. Finally, Dazzling Gleam Specs Indeedee is here to be as direct of a dark-type bait as you can get. I never click Hwish and trick, but the utility options are always nice, and Expanding Force + gleam are all it needs. Psychic terrain pairs well with Duosion to stop maybe one sucker punch?

From there, I realized the team was a little weak to Morpeko, and with the way I am clueless in terms of Duraludon, I added a Rhydon. Rhydon is insane, and in one of my testing games it 2HKO'd an avalugg. Having just a strong physical mon also helps with this team's special leaning. Tera grass is chosen because I really wanted the grass and water resists and didn't want to become any worse v Duraludon with tera dragon.

Finally, I realized I had no removal so I added a Morpeko. It's perfect as a physical mon and pivot. Volt Switch is chosen over Parting Shot so you don't suffer v defiant or contrary mons. The coverage is also nice?

And that's the team. It's pretty offensive and relies on resistances and natural bulk to position, and those mons are often able to open space for the game-winning Indeedee + Duosion combo. Rhydon probably could use rocks over Supercell Slam or Heat Crash if you want to free up the moveslot on Duraludon.

Replays: Duosion win | I used this in the Tournaments room once | That's it.

:Duosion:-:Spiritomb:-:Lurantis:-:InDEEDee-F:-:Avalugg-hisui:-:Morpeko: Version 2
Frankly, I'm not sure if Duraludon, Rhydon, and Indeedee are going to survive shifts/bans. So here's how I replaced them!

First, I swapped Indeedee forms. Easy fix.

Second, I looked at Duraludon and Rhyhorn, which consist of a mixed rocker with fighting coverage and a physical wall + physical threat. Avalugg felt like a natural replacement to Rhydon, since Avalugg has a similar stat spread and role. After putting rocks on Avalugg, I knew I needed some fighting move on the next replacement mon, and went with Lurantis. I felt a desire to add a grass type multiple times during the building process, and with an open team slot I seized the chance. Physical defenses give Lurantis more time to set up and offer a similar role to Duraludon. And yeah, that's it.

Here's a replay of the one ladder game I played with this team.

Is this team perfect? Probably not, since I only tested on ladder. But I think it's good, I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope you enjoy using it! And why did I make two versions? Because I fully expect Version 1 to not be PU legal in 2 weeks.

If I ever decide to do tests not on ladder, I will edit the post with any adjustments. Happy Holidays!


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Hi SergioRules! I built on your request for Hisuian Sliggoo and made a balance team based off of it. Click on the sprites to see the paste:
:Sliggoo-Hisui: :Whiscash: :Sneasel-Hisui: :Persian-Alola: :Articuno: :Passimian:
I gave Sliggoo-Hisui 44 Speed EVs to outspeed Golem before it can use Earthquake, with the rest dumped into SpA to make it an interesting tank to use. Tera Fairy was to ward off Fighting-type attacks like Passimian and Tauros-Paldea. Whiscash was a standard Rocks + Spikes setter and gave it Earth Power and Ice Beam to deal with Rock-Types like Carbink and Avalugg-H and take a better hit at Arboliva. Sneasel-H was a standard SD sweeper with Trailblaze, giving the team a proper wincon and Speed control. Also gives the team a Fighting resist without needing to use Tera for it. Persian-A was true Speed control, outpacing all Choice Scarfers up to 115 Speed and providing utility with Knock Off and pivoting with Parting Shot. Articuno was a standard Special wall, but I gave it Hurricane to deal with Fighting-types, making it less passive compared to running with Haze. Passimian rounded the team through its wallbreaking prowess with a Choice Band, providing utility with Knock Off and U-turn.

Hope you enjoy the team and happy holidays!
Hi Hera ! Your request was wonky and making Guts Ursaring with no trailblaze work in our meta was a bit rough but I did it!
So I got 2 teams ready for you, 1 which seems better but in which Ursaring performed pretty horribly, and another which looks like a meme but performed surprisingly well.

:Ursaring: :Morpeko: :Floatzel: :Raichu-Alola: :Charizard: :Lurantis:

So this is the more normal team and the first thing that came to mind as I'm an HO goop brain. RestTalk Ursaring with evio seemed like the safest bet for this. I tried a more defensive version of Ursaring here first with Def and SpD EVs, but that just ended up making Ursaring hit like a wet noodle while also still dying to a light breeze, thus I went with the more offensive one. Sure enough it did kill things but the inconsistencies with Sleep talk kept costing me matchups that are winnable. Crunch is obv there for the ghost types that like to switch on the Facade, and Facade seemed like the only other move worth putting on this bear.

The core around it is a Volturn base with Floatzel and Raichu, so that you can Maneuver around problem mons until you see an opportunity to tag Ursaring in. Charizard as my 2nd SpA mon covers the Fighting weakness of Ursaring and can Air Slash smoke some mons that the rest of the team simply can't handle e.g. the Arbolivas and Appletuns. Morpeko before DLC2 was imo the best HO phys sweeper and added hazard removal.

Lurantis is there as an all purpose wrench for this team, holding together the defense with that massive SpD and hitting a ton of things very hard with LStorm and Superpower. Defog adds another layer of hazard removal, and the one you should probably use more often. Now this team worked pretty well in practice and got me to about the 1300s before I felt like it did well enough.

:Ursaring: :Floatzel: :Porygon2: :Charizard: :Raichu-Alola: :Lurantis:

Very similar team right? Morpeko got swapped out for Porygon2 and it's as shrimple as that huh? WRONG! Look at that magnificent federal agent named Ursaring. Peak performance. Get burnt, get them burnt, steal their eviolite or leftovers.

All jokes aside, this worked way better than it had any right to. I forgot to mention the tera bug in the last team but it is specifically to win against Hneasel. Tera Fairy overall is better, but loses to gunk shot, while Bug resists the CC and is neutral to the gunk shot, while also being ok against Passi U-turns.

Rest of the team is similar, Charizard swapped Tblast for Scorching sands to have better coverage for Avalugg and Golem matchups, and Tera steel to have some better defensive matchups.

Porygon2 running Tera Stellar is a bit of a pet Tera for me, as it wins some games on its own with those 3 moves being super effective once each.
All in all I hope you can give this team a shot and see the brutal, unbeatable prowess of Fling Ursaring!

And with that I wish you a merry christmas! Hope you're not too disappointed by the teams and can try them out for yourself :D
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Heya, PU Rules

You requested a team around Froslass and I built it for you!
I actually built two teams, one pre dlc and one after.

The first one uses Froslass as a lead spike-setter with taunt, wisp and hex to make the most out of her.
Very notable is, the amount of setup sweepers, not actually too good, but good enough imo. Charizard can face unprepared foes and Floatzel can suprise with a sub bulk up set. Glaceon as a cm user can face fighting types with tera ghost.
Morpeko is the average spinblocker and Bombirdier sets up rocks to maxime damage.

Pre DLC 2


Froslass has a scarf this time, not to just look stylish, but to trick it on to other mons. It was kinda controversial to choose trick over switcheroo. Overall it's a trick triple spikes split set to overwhelm others. p2 is p2, h-sneasel is built to cover most things, especially ghost types. Hattrem with cm draining kiss tera fairy can also beat alot of mons. The eel and palossand are as usual (i hope)


happy holidays!

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yoko (yokoisop?) Your request was Leavanny. Doing something sticky webs related was something I wanted to revisit after SCL with zS, but it proved pretty challenging, especially post dlc2. So many fast taunt, triple axel and good removal mons, as well as no time to set up broken rocks and spikes, still, there are some mons that take advantage quite well.

:leavanny: :avalugg-hisui: (:eelektross:/:morpeko:/:raichu-alola:) :clawitzer: :skuntank: :braviary: - click the pokemans for import

:leavanny: - Gained triple axel in DLC 2. Which is a pretty nice way to hit all the flying types. It must be scarf or else stuff like frosslass can taunt/triple axel and just deny webs the entire game. Scarf can do funny things at times like snipe floatzel leads.
:avalugg-hisui: - Trades with mons on HO, takes on peko, skunk, can spin to tie with 70base+speed nature. Mountain gale+webs can end games on the spot with a flinch. Spinning is also very valuable for this team as there's no boots outside the lugg.
:eelektross:/:morpeko: - both tera ghost. This is the most flexible slot on the team. Wanted a twave absorber/something that can bully p2 and take on spatkers and be avaluggs counterpart that trades with all. Morpeko takes a more HO approach that is potentially less solid, but eel can be passive. EVs are random. I can see raichu alola with np or rotom working well in this slot too. Hell, even something like Ursaring can absorb status and abuse webs.
:skuntank: - Low risk, taunt, knock, priority, busted mon I had on every iteration of this team while going thru. Aftermath chips stuff into range of other attackers.
:clawitzer: - primary spatker, tbh I hate how much heavy lifting this guy has to do in most mus because everyone else is physical, but I can't cover enough mus with anything else. This guy with sticky web support is crazy strong. Made it timid cause you outspeed -1 base 100 or smthng but I can't remember exactly. Can make it modest if you want to ensure lurantis dies in 1 tdragon pulse.
:braviary: Punishes defog and spams bb. A scarfer on webs is also nice speed control in case of boots guys. BB is more spammable than Passimian's CC and going brav on something like lurantis or a flying type with defog is safer than Pass.

Had fun building this into something competitive, and playing was a blast. Should be able to get reqs with something like this pretty fast. Merry Christmas!

Melt Gibson

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my goat LettuceLeaf07 it is my honor to bestow upon you your request of "something using the room service item"

:spiritomb: :porygon2: :lurantis: :cramorant: :rhydon: :muk:

OTR tomb for setting trick room and such, and also just as a nice little wincon in situations where muk isn't gonna be able to pull of anything silly (cough cough vs palossand)

this was my immediate first thought when i was looking for mons that could actually make use of room service LMAO, getting the essentially +1 speed and gambling for the sp.atk boost off of download is really funny, and while the lack of eviolite bulk definitely makes this worse than just normal P2 stuff, it still functions surprisingly well even outside of TR with recover and boltbeam alone. i might honestly experiment with this set more on some full TR stuff come january, it's really fun to just get up in your opponent's face with the sudden +1/+1.

big stupid slugger that's there to offensively shore up any matchups that might be harder due to more specialized walls on your opponent's team. tera electric is great for getting the jump on zard specifically, but also other flying-types like swanna. also another one of the three mons on this team with hard recovery LOL.

fat fuck that sits there and eats hits and defogs, lives more than it probably should and is just generally a nice addition to make sure you don't auto-lose to fightings and clawitzer trying to riff off of your TR.

slow fat fuck that sets up rocks and quakes, not a whole lot to explain other than the fact that i included it because i know you like it, it's good, and i didn't wanna add another ghost and knock-weak mon with palo. also, tera + immunity ability has been this gen's biggest recipe for success and i find it really cool, so this one was a no-brainer.

curse muk is my fav wincon in PU and it fit wonderfully here. not much else to say about it.

i hope you enjoy! happy holidays :)
Hi giove97! I filled your request for an eelektross + haunter team.

:eelektross: :haunter: :passimian: :rhydon: :cramorant: :porygon2:

Hope you like it, the timing feels kinda unfortunate since porygon2 being on every other team makes clicking buttons with haunter much harder overall but I'm still mostly happy with how it turned out.

:eelektross: Classic AV pivot eelektross, forms a nice pivot core with passimian and helps get haunter in safely. It can't quite shrug off special attacks with 0 investment like it could in SM but I don't like how passive SpD variants are so I still went max SpA here, and it still takes special hits fairly well.

:haunter: The other mon you requested, scarf haunter serves as a solid revenge killer and cleaner. Focus blast feels preferable over dazzling gleam at the moment to deal with P2.

:Passimian: Choice band passimian forms the other half of the pivot core with eelektross and just generally makes for an excellent wallbreaker.

:rhydon: Fat as fuck physical tank who sets rocks and does big damage with stab edgequake and deters volt switches from choiced rotoms and raichus. 84 speed evs outruns uninvested base 50s so you can more effectively deal with muk.

:Cramorant: Defogger and decent special wall. Gulp missile is extremely annoying and it does a good job of threatening common rockers like rhydon and palossand.

:porygon2: There's no team that doesn't fit porygon2 and this team is no exception. Fat, hits pretty hard, has reliable recovery and can spread paralysis which helps make passimian more threatening.

Happy Holidays!
@fisi got your request for a team with eelektross + something from dlc2.
:eelektross: :porygon2: :palossand: :sneasel-hisui: :farigiraf::rotom:

:eelektross: Eelektross does its usual things, brings in the threats on this team.

:porygon2: Porygon helps eel with checking special attackers, as eel is super easy to wear down.

:palossand: Pallo rounds out the core, providing physical bulk and rocks. Tera poison to beat most hsneasel sets.

:sneasel-hisui: Speaking of sneasel, this set uses tera grass trailblaze to boost past scarfers and beat pallo.

:farigiraf: OTR farig pairs nicely with hsneasel, switching in on its checks and setting up on them. I used colbur berry to screw with knock spammers.

:rotom: Scarftom provides speed control and can cripple special walls for farig.

Hope you have fun with the team and happy holidays!


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Hey s7a, I was your secret Santa this year. Here's the team featuring Dragonair + Iron Defense Orthworm you requested!

(click on any of the sprites for the paste)
Dragonair's Tera Normal ESpeed is kind of funny in a meta where almost none of the hyperfast guys are Ghost-types, and Waterfall covers Choice Scarf Rotom as well as Rock- and Steel-types without locking you in place like Outrage does. 24 Speed EVs means Dragonair outruns Floatzel at +2 while still being decently bulky. Choice Scarf Sneasel-H is good at annoying pretty much everything that checks/walls Dragonair and Orthworm and also offers much-needed speed control to an otherwise slow build. Toxic Spikes in particular is nice to wear down opposing walls like Porygon2, Palossand, Rhydon, and Houndstone. Palossand is a sturdy Fighting check and sets Stealth Rock on top of blocking Rapid Spin. With Orthworm on the team to absorb Knock Off, I figured it was okay to use Rocky Helmet instead of Colbur Berry, though you could definitely use Colbur Palo if you want. Speaking of Orthworm, it helps further wear foes down with Spikes, blanks physical attackers, and acts as a backup wincon if Dragonair/Sneasel-H can't get the job done. It also gives the team a Knock Off switch-in and sturdier Rhydon check. Morpeko helps make the chip from this team's hazards stick with Knock Off, spins, and checks Rotom. Lastly, tank P2 gives the team a less passive special attacker that also eats weaker special hits and spreads status. Tera Fairy helps against Fighting-types as well as Clawitzer, but you can use a different Tera type if you want.

I hope you enjoy the team, and happy holidays /o/


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heya gum, you requested Froslass so it's time for ya Secret Santa Team :)
froslass time.pngindeedee-f time.pngorthworm time.pngpalossand itme.pngeelektross time.pngcramorant time.png
(click on the quirky sprites I choose because I didn't want to be basic to get ya team)
Banded :snorunt:Froslass:snorunt:Balance

The main star of the team, I didn't wanna go the usual direction of Froslass being a Suicide Lead HO Pokemon, so I went with the set that was harder to build with, Choice Banded. They will be the breaker for this team and every other Pokemon is built with it in mind, which is why I am not running Knock Off on anyone on my team to make sure Poltergeist will always do it's thing. As a result, Switcheroo is there to give my team some more item displacement. Tera Ice is there just because I wanted to boost Triple Axel and potentially Ice Shard.

While looking for a partner to round off the Froslass offensive core, I was looking for a specially offensive form of speed control who preferably wasn't vulnerable to priority Shadow Sneaks and Sucker Punches and had a decent MU into Ghost-types in general. Enter Indeedee-F. They are as aforementioned the speed control for the team, and is another Pokemon with a way of crippling defensive walls by displacing their item in Trick, as I did still want more ways to disrupt walls who might rely on their item. While I was cautious about Indeedee-F's anti synergy with Froslass's Ice Shard, I figured it wouldn't come up too much as Froslass doesn't click the move often due to its speed so its more for just picking off some random Pokemon while Psychic Terrain isn't active. Healing Wish is nice for Eelektross and Orthworm in practice since they tend to get a bit whittled down in games and Froslass itself can appreciate it if you lose the hazard war.

Orthworm is here as a wincon after Froslass has done breaking the team down. Speed EV's are enough for Modest Clawitizer so I can scout what move its going to lock into and act accordingly. For example, if it locks into Water Pulse I can go Cramorant and if it clicks Dragon Pulse, I can Tera Fairy and set up on it for free. Speaking of Tera Fairy, that can be quite nice to give the team a Dark-resist.

Rounding off my physical walls, Palossand is the teams answer to Fighting-types, Hazard Setter, and my Knock Off absorber with Colbur Berry, I wasn't that scared of stacking my Ghost-types since it's a good type in general and the team also has a Ghost immunity anyways. Tera Water is used to make sure the team has an emergency answer to Water-types since they proved to be rather annoying when making the team.

Eelektross is the teams special blanket check and acts as a pivot to get Froslass in safely. I couldn't run Knock Off on it, so I was faced with a dillemna to what my last move would be, so I took a page out of early SV NU and gave it Dragon Tail for phazing, but other options like Acid Spray could of worked as well.

Lastly, Cramorant is the teams hazard control. Froslass absolutely hates hazards so I needed some kind of way to deal with hazards, so why not throw on the best hazard removal the tier has to offer. It fixes my MU into some Water-types that might be annoying otherwise, although stuff like Floatzel still does a lot to it so it's more a check while Palossand is my Tera Reliant answer to them.

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy the team​


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hi Corvy i have ur team!!


the request of cramorant, sneasel, and alolem was pretty unique to say the least. with half of the team already being built, but with a core having no real synergy, i felt like i could only do so much here if i wanted to build a team that was good. but despite this i think this is pretty fun! biggest challenge was figuring out how to get anything out of alolem, as it's pretty bad now. cb seemed really awkward as u don't want to lock urself into anything, and it's really tera and prediction reliant at the same time. i decided to try out rock polish, which is so slow at +2 that u don't outspeed scarf passimian even with jolly. it's been okay in practice, as it's still fairly threatening if u commit to tera and outspeeds floatzel and sneasels after a rock polish anyway. i decided to just make sneasel choice band to have something to weaken orthworm etc, and cramorant is a great defogger currently so that worked out pretty easily. palossand and p2 felt pretty mandatory to fix the holes the other 3 members had left, with palossand being a great physdef wall and p2 providing the team with something that can 1v1 pretty much everything. at first i wanted to go with passimian instead of medicham, but then i realized i already had that exact team in my builder but with combusken > alolem, so i decided to use something more "fun" in the last slot. scarf medi actually pairs really well with the rest of the team, and with trick it makes winning with alolem without needing to commit to tera easier, as palossand becomes easier to wear down, so i'd say it ended up working better than passimian anyway!

merry christmas, i hope u enjoy this present and feel free to reach out to me if u wna talk abt the team!!


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hi asa, it is i, ur secret santa this year! i could never anticipate that my oomfie would be the one for me. hohoho, arent u lucky ;)

you asked me for an awful honchkrow team, and I delivered like I would deliver a baby if I was Mary on Christmas!

:honchkrow: :eelektross: :palossand: :braviary: :skuntank: :floatzel:

This was a pretty simple team that I built. My idea of a honch team is simply to use it with a viable dark type alongside it and then just grab some stuff that can break and win endgames since everyone knows Honch can't actually do that on its own. You have your desired Heat Wave set that helps you break Orthworm alongside Toxic Skunk to help break the horn pokemon, what was it called again? Anyways, the rest is pretty self explanatory! You use your awesome speed control to try and pick shit off in the late game which is actually pretty fun with the triple priority! I really hope you enjoy this team and I'm really grateful for you in general and your friendship. Here's hoping you're having an amazing day and merry christmas! <3


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My dude plznostep, I have your Secret Santa team. You requested that it be built around Band Crabominable and that's exactly what I did!


First off, we have :crabominable: who just hits everything hard, even a Neutralizing Gas Weezing negating Iron Fist. See Turn 21 here:
The EVs for Speed let it creep fully defensive Houndstone. Choice Scarf :rotom: felt like a good partner to pair it with since they help each other out. It originally was a bulky set, but with some advice from a friend, they advised scarf since the team lacked speed. :weezing: is next and the team definitely needed a reliable Fighting switch-in with scarf Rotom being there. Funny enough, I had Psybeam on this set to beat Sneasel-H, but Sneasel isn't really beating Weezing anyway. I'd maybe go Will-O over TBolt if you feel that's a better option. This team needs rocks ofc and that's where :rhydon: comes in. Megahorn's an option for Grasses, but Roar does its job. As with hazards, you gotta have hazard removal and :lurantis: does just that. With it getting Superpower back, it feels better than ever. Lastly, we have Banded :floatzel:. This was scarf Veluza at first with Flip Turn (which I still think is sneaky with rare Sharpness), but Float is faster naturally and also gets Flip Turn and can't get burnt. I do have a couple of replays of the team in action. The first one is above, the other is here:

Now, you might be thinking that team gets run over by Indeedee-F and you're right. There is a 2nd version of team where I added Persian-A to force it into mind games.


Hope you have/had a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy the team(s)!​


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:glaceon: :weezing: :whiscash: :lurantis: :rotom: :tauros-paldea:

I got paired with fellilou who requested a glaceon or hail aboma team, and I opted for the former (i'm a hail non-believer in this meta, sorry!). It also helps that I've had decent success using Glaceon in early SV PU, so I had some ideas about retrofitting an old build into this meta. I opted for the fun but somewhat tera reliant CM set from that early era team. I decided to pair it with full hazard support as certain Glaceon calcs I'm too lazy to display are helped a lot by having hazards. Lurantis serves as another win con (the EV spread is from a team I built with sensei axew for SCL that I've found more helpful than full 252 sassy) and also as a defogger if you choose to drop knock for defog as you're weak to opposing hazards otherwise.

Lastly, Tauros and Rotom round out the team with choice item pressure, the former being a better breaker with band than Passimian imo and the latter being helpful with Trick support to help get Glaceon in. Hope the team is fun, it should probably survive another meta if there's no major shake up!


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Hi 5Dots and merry late Christmas! I got your request for a Trevenant team and was pretty excited because I also love that mon. Now I make it no secret that I don't play much current gen so I apologize if this team doesn't perform super well but it worked nicely in my test games I did so idk

I started by making a very offensive FWG core to just do some hardcore wallbreaking early on. Choice Band Trevenant with Drain Punch to target pesky Arboliva, and you could forego Trick to have priority in Sucker Punch if you feel the need to. Choice Specs Tera Dragon Clawitzer is just kinda broken and I figured the switches it forces can be used to pivot out with Flip Turn and take advantage with another one of the breakers. 4 attacks Charizard with surprise Overheat to nuke things that would otherwise take a hit from Flamethrower. Next is a little defensive core of Eelektross and Carbink, adding both hazards and a slow pivot for the breakers to take advantage of. Power Gem on Carbink can be replaced with Spikes if you'd prefer more passive damage but the extra coverage comes in handy versus something like Articuno and opposing Charizard. Finally, SD Sneasel functions as a late game wincon with Trailblaze allowing it to overtake otherwise faster Pokemon and scarfers.
The team is meant to break break and break some more, and I think it accomplishes that very well, I hope you enjoy! (Sorry it's so late, I meant to post before the holidays but got too busy preparing for them!)​


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hello Melt Gibson, merry christmas! heres ur team built around zen headbutt muk!

:muk: :porygon2: :articuno: :orthworm: :palossand: :floatzel:

Muk is obviously the mon built around, i wanted to take advantage of its defensive profile here, acting a good fighting check + knock off absober. This made me want to pair it up with offensive pory-2. I then proceeded to add a special / physical wall, that being articuno (with haze to handle set up sweepers) and orthworm, at first i had it running idefpress but i think coil is nicer here to act as another set up wincon alongside muk. I then added palossand to round out a hazard stacking core, and finished it up with floatzel to add more breaking prowess. I'll admit i havent playtested it yet so there might be some glaring weakness that went over my head but i hope you like the team nonetheless.

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